Hey you

I thank G-d every day that you are in my life.

Todavía estoy buscando las ciertas palabras pa decírtelo. Pronto un día vendrá y te escribiré un poema contándote todo eso. Ya sé que ningunas de mis palabras son suficientes pero es que...
solo tengo esa boca. 


Just a Bad Day

Yesterday feels like a hundred years ago at this point, after all the beers and cigarettes I consumed since I left work. Have you ever had one of those days at work when you just want to gouge your brain out of your skull, or throw a brick at one of your clients? That has been my week, so far.

Estoy pensando en dejar del trabajo porque los clientes alli son demasiado. Completely demasiado. I thought I was dealing with it well, just letting all the drama and bullshit slide off my back but today broke the pinche back of this camello.

I hate those situations (in life, in general) that you have no control of but then some hijo de puta comes along and blames you for the aforementioned extenuating circumstances. It's NOT MY FAULT. Don't kill the fucking messenger.

Perhaps my declaration of pending resignation to my supervisor was a bit premature and histrionic. Now that I'm calm, it seems like something I can get over with by way of more cigarettes and some sandalwood oil. Ojalá.


Sorry man, my karma ran over your dogma

Do you ever want to clobber that motherfucker in your past life that left you with shitty karma? Why should the Universe punish us for something we didn't do? Past lives are past, done, the end. Laissez-moi tranquille! I mean, technically I didn't do it. I'm not going to say what it is that I think I'm karmically suffering from because it's just too typical. Especially since I'm blogging from Portland. So I guess it will just be my secret for now.

But thanks dude! Not.


Understanding In a Car Crash

Sometimes when I am alone, walking through the city and I arrive at a cross walk, I imagine what my body would sound like if a car came speeding through the intersection and collided with me. Would it crunch? Would it squish? Would I be unable to hear anything because I’d die on impact?

I’m not suicidal; I don’t know why I think like that. I know that if anyone reads this they will probably be a little disturbed…but well that’s what a blog is for right? Confessions?


Quote of the Day

"I just wonder how many people never get the one they wanted, but end up with the one they're supposed to be with."

--from Fried Green Tomatoes


Japan Tragedy

My response to the Japanese tsunami/quake tragedy has been that of shock, mostly. Sifting through the photos online, some bring me to tears. I feel so helpless. I have already confirmed that all my friends in Japan are safe but that doesn't really placate my soul much. I think that the majority of the worlds responses to the disaster has proven that we are still hanging on to our humanity.

I have already decided I am going to do something about it. Either I will be traveling to the island nation in the coming months to volunteer my interpreting and medical training skills to the relief and rebuilding effort or I will be donating a large sum (think the price of a ticket to Narita) to the Japanese Red Cross Society (http://www.jrc.or.jp). If you have any ideas about what else I could do or would like to join me, please leave a comment below.

Sadly, the trolls come of of the woodwork as with any large news story. That has been bothering me. I can't believe some people's response to the horror. AFLAC recently dismissed Gilbert Gottfried over his tasteless tsunami joke and Racialicious recently posted a watchdog site about ignorant internet trolls here. Some people have been calling it "karma for Pearl Harbor". Disgusting. Fortunately the love being show to the Japanese people at this hour is overwhelming the less savory responses.

Querido Japón, rezamos por ti.