Japan Tragedy

My response to the Japanese tsunami/quake tragedy has been that of shock, mostly. Sifting through the photos online, some bring me to tears. I feel so helpless. I have already confirmed that all my friends in Japan are safe but that doesn't really placate my soul much. I think that the majority of the worlds responses to the disaster has proven that we are still hanging on to our humanity.

I have already decided I am going to do something about it. Either I will be traveling to the island nation in the coming months to volunteer my interpreting and medical training skills to the relief and rebuilding effort or I will be donating a large sum (think the price of a ticket to Narita) to the Japanese Red Cross Society (http://www.jrc.or.jp). If you have any ideas about what else I could do or would like to join me, please leave a comment below.

Sadly, the trolls come of of the woodwork as with any large news story. That has been bothering me. I can't believe some people's response to the horror. AFLAC recently dismissed Gilbert Gottfried over his tasteless tsunami joke and Racialicious recently posted a watchdog site about ignorant internet trolls here. Some people have been calling it "karma for Pearl Harbor". Disgusting. Fortunately the love being show to the Japanese people at this hour is overwhelming the less savory responses.

Querido Japón, rezamos por ti.

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