Dear White Collar Scum,
Hey, oye, it’s me, the one you want to ignore
Do I make you uncomfortable?

Got that Shania Twain hook stuck in my head
No way man I don’t care about your new condo
Or how walkable it is here

White gurls in top buns
With social work degrees
Insist on stories of how awful homeless people are

“That don’t impress me much…”
This isn’t a game to us
It’s a fucking culture war

“Gay bashings up 12% in the city…”
Don’t bro me if you don’t know me
I really don’t know what to say

When you are murdering our city’s life
Our culture, our art, our breath
It’s a fucking culture war

Gentrifiers go home!
I’m not another casualty in the culture war
When giving up is not an option

Because we haven’t tasted the rainbow
Safe spaces for whom?
No, no están bienvenidos para acá.

Goodbye woo girls and dudebros
Don’t fucking look at me
I didn’t do this for you

Brown, queer, disabled, working classes
Hordes of beloved community
Where do we go?

Fuck you Dan Savage,
For telling us
That our artistic pain is for nought

We want this
Scheduled departure to white flight
Fuck your family values

No, that don’t impress me much…