It's been a difficult year.
Today is December 26th, 2011. I am well into finishing up Hannukah, my resignation is looming and the New Year is only a few days away. Honestly, I can't wait. This last year did provide me with a choice few wonderful things but in the end it is time to say goodbye. I wait in anticipation to be able to leave behind all the bad decisions, people and memories of 2011. They say we are living in the end times and that the world might end next year. All I know is that, it might not be so bad. Let's see what 2012 is going to throw my way. I'm ready.

And thanks for all the learning experiences. 



We use them like curses
Cut away the gauze
Make you Think

Scream at
Your face
Shatter that facade

Don't smile at me
With your plastic eyes

Your bubblegum countenance
Is like dried cum stains
You say nothing

Despite incessant chatter
Driving Us mad
Like the buzzing of flies

We use our Words
To break your System
Hack this

Our curses fly
Straight arrows
Bleed you dry