Just a Bad Day

Yesterday feels like a hundred years ago at this point, after all the beers and cigarettes I consumed since I left work. Have you ever had one of those days at work when you just want to gouge your brain out of your skull, or throw a brick at one of your clients? That has been my week, so far.

Estoy pensando en dejar del trabajo porque los clientes alli son demasiado. Completely demasiado. I thought I was dealing with it well, just letting all the drama and bullshit slide off my back but today broke the pinche back of this camello.

I hate those situations (in life, in general) that you have no control of but then some hijo de puta comes along and blames you for the aforementioned extenuating circumstances. It's NOT MY FAULT. Don't kill the fucking messenger.

Perhaps my declaration of pending resignation to my supervisor was a bit premature and histrionic. Now that I'm calm, it seems like something I can get over with by way of more cigarettes and some sandalwood oil. Ojalá.

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