The Georgia Rain

Ay ay ay, sometimes I wonder why I left this beautiful country and moved to the disgustingly damp Northwest. Then I met my sister's boyfriend last night and remembered. People here are charming, charmingly deceitful, until you get a few Coronas in them and happen to mention "global warming." Then it's all fucked. Fortunately my lesbian cousin is here so we can commiserate on pretending to be corn-fed heterosexuals. Also, there is no such thing as kosher in the South. More on that later.

Also, I would love to do Chris Messina.

2 comentarios:

  1. Chris Messina?

    Is that photo of Georgia? How pretty~

  2. Are you following my blog now? <3

    Yes, it is a photo of live oak trees with the famous Spanish moss. Near Savannah.

    Chris Messina is a sexpot. He was in Julie/Julia.