Community Alert: White Supremacist Literature Found in Milwaukee Neighborhood

KATU News broke this story earlier this week when a Milwaukee resident found these racist fliers left on cars along SE International Way. The pamphlets are mostly in Spanish and probably being used to target Latino immigrants for intimidation. They lead back to a White supremacist group. The Milwaukee woman who found them, Dinah Davis, told reporters she was horrified and that she wants the group to know they're not welcome in her neighborhood.

Please be aware and stay safe. Report and White supremacist activities to your local law enforcement officials, the media and Rose City Antifa.

2 comentarios:

  1. Dinah Davis took it upon herself to remove the property place on automobiles. This is not your property Ms. Davis. You can be sued to replace the purloined property. You are not the "speech police" who determines what words may be spoken. Lawfully distributing fliers is part of the Democratic process, like it or not.

    Also, "racism expert" Professor Randy Blazak is an Israeli dual-citizen. He has no room to call these fliers "low grade terrorism." Israel is the most racist country in the middle east! African immigrants are forced to take birth control injections. The Palestinians have been brutalized for years! Why doesn't Mr. Blazak march to the Israeli consulate and expose their "terrorism."

    You both are Marxists and don't respect Democracy.

    1. You could use the same argument against the people who placed the literature on the cars in the first place. Technically those cars are not their property either and they were vandalizing. Also, using anti-Semitic rhetoric to discount the views of people responding to this incident is cowardly and racist. It is obvious that you don't understand what democracy is, and that you are a White supremacist. I am publishing your idiotic comment because I believe in democratic free speech but also because I wanted to respond to your comment.

      The hate mongering and anti-immigrant attitudes that are expressed by the flyers are not welcome in our town. White supremacy is not welcome either. Hate speech is not free speech.