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Do you know who Kerli Kõiv is?
You should.

I don't usually write or even think about pop artists very often. Most of what I listen to is rap en español or lo-fi, metal etc. I was drawn to Kerli originally by her aesthetic which she refers to as "Bubblegoth", and due to all the Farscape I had been watching lately I was hooked.

Her music was catchy, had a message for once, and was relatively unknown. What really endeared her to me however, was her personal website (http://iamamoonchild.net). She has a bloggish thing called 3 questions 3 answers and the latest included this from a fan: "Hey kerli my life’s a mess and I feel like I can Get some really good advice from you,so if you can take your time and answer me id appteciate it ^_^ I’m a gay fourteen y/o and I come from a Christian family and I heard that since I’m gay I’m going to hell."

Here is Kerli's response: "No baby. You’re not going to hell. You can love whoever you want. There is nothing wrong with you at all. We’re all going to heaven. This right here kinda is heaven too, if we choose to see it<3"

That really got to me. It was touching. I believe that this is the kind of things that artists should be doing. People look up to them and admire them. The fact that Kerli took the time to respond to this person, a fan, whom she doesn't know, but reached out to her in a time of need, is truly amazing to me. In this day and age, it seems like famous people hardly give a thought to others. Kerli proved me wrong and I have been a fan of her since.

Bravo, Kerli.

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  1. That really is an awesome story. I'm so touched when celebrities take the time to go beyond that invisible wall that fame creates, and actually reach out to their fans. Bravo indeed!